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Information about Enrollment

Voluntary Pre-K

Registration for 2022-2023

We will start taking enrollment paperwork during our Pre-K Kickoff night on Tuesday, March 8th (4:30 – 6:00).  After the Kickoff, we will continue to accept applications at each school and central office.


The voluntary Pre-K program is set up to serve four years old who will be four by August 15th, but will not turn 5 before August 16th during the current year.  The grant is based on children at risk and the 20 slots per classroom will be filled first by children who meet the income eligibility requirements set forth by the state.  To determine who qualifies, parents must submit proof of items under part D of the Application to Determine Income Eligibility for the Voluntary Pre-K Program Form.  If a classroom doesn’t fill up with qualifying 4 years old, that classroom will enroll qualifying 3 years old.


Our registration is broken down into three phases:

Phase 1

     To complete Phase 1 the following information must be completed and returned:

  •      VPK Application
  •      Application to Determine Income Eligibility Form
  •       Proof of Income (For list see Part D of Income Eligibility Form.)
  •       At-risk Questionnaire


                 Once you have completed Phase 1:

                        Pre-K Staff will review your application and eligibility requirements. 

    If you have met the requirements to qualify for the pre-k program, 

    you will be notified to complete Phase 2.  Qualifying level 1 parents will be notified 

    within two weeks of application being received.  Qualifying level 2 and/or 3 parents - 

    notification could be longer than two weeks (Level 1 = Lives in Bus Zone of that school,

     Level 2 = has siblings already enrolled in the school, Level 3= all others based on date phase 1

    was completed.).  The date that all of phase 1 information was turned in will be given

    preference when more than one person qualifies for a spot. 

                  If you do not meet qualification, see the bottom of the page.**

Phase 2     (PLEASE -Do not complete this stage until you have been notified.)

            To complete Phase 2 the following information must be turned in:

  •      Original Birth Certificate (not Mother’s Copy)
  •      Current Physical (within the past year)
  •      Certificate of Immunization (shots must be on the state form)
  •      Copy of Social Security Card
  •       Proof of Residency (Current Utility Bill, Land tax statement, or a notarized

letter from landlord)

Phase 3

           You will receive a call that you have been accepted into a Pre-K classroom.  However, we cannot   

notify you until the state approves our funding. (We are hoping we will know before summer 


**In the event that your family does not meet the income eligibility requirements set forth by the state, you will be placed on our waiting list.  After the first week of school (Aug. 2022-2023), if you have not heard from us and would like to check on your application, please feel free to give the school a call.


Below are the forms we can accept for proof of income. Proof must be brought in for everyone that has an income in the household.  All gross income must be reported.

  • Food Stamps/EBT card
  • Head Start - Something showing your child is enrolled or has been accepted into head start.
  • Family First/ TANF - Letter or TANF Documentation
  • Foster Care - Foster Care Reimbursement Documentation or a letter from DCS
  • Gross Work Income/ Current Payroll stub
  • W-2 Forms for 2021
  • Income Tax Form (2021) 1040A or 1040
  • Unemployment Compensation
  • Workman’s Compensation Documentation
  • Pension Stubs
  • Retirement Documentation
  • Social Security
  • Veteran’s Benefit Letter
  • Child Support
  • Alimony Documentation
  • Foster Care Reimbursement
  • SSi documentation
  • TANF Documentation
  • AFDC/ Public Assistance Payment
  • TennCare Verification
  • Other (Specify) and Proof