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Mission Statement
Overton County Schools Virtual school aims to provide a unique experience that engages students in fully digital learning environments.  Through this platform Overton County Schools endeavors to provide equitable educational access in a nontraditional format.  
Virtual Program Changes
We are excited to announce that Overton County Schools will be enhancing our Virtual School program for the 2023-2024 school year.  Overton County Virtual School is here to provide a high-quality, home-based, blended, virtual learning opportunity for students. Our program is a public-school option for parents (and other caregivers) preferring a flexible, home-based environment and who are willing to guide their child’s learning. Parents, students, and staff in the Overton County Virtual School program work together to keep our students engaged and excited about learning. Flexibility, support, and a trusted curriculum are just a few of the many positive outcomes of this exciting learning alternative. After a careful selection process our district selected the Accelerate Education curriculum and it’s available for your child tuition-free through Overton County Schools for grades K through 9.
What to Expect
  • An engaging curriculum
  • Unlimited guidance and support from Tennessee certified teachers
  • An easy-to-use online platform that brings lessons to life with rich, rigorous multimedia lessons
  • A personalized learning experience for families
  • Learning Coach resources for daily, module-by-module guidance.

If you are interested but not currently enrolled in Overton County Schools virtual program, please call the Overton County Board of Education office for information on enrolling.


If you are currently enrolled in our virtual school, formally called Techtrep, we request that you call the Overton County Board of Education office for information about next steps as we transition to the new Accelerate Education platform.  Please contact us and let us know that you will be continuing with the Overton County Virtual school for the 2023-2024 school year.  If you choose not to continue with our new program, you must contact Cristy Miller at the Overton County Board of Education office to report what program you will transition to.  We cannot withdraw your child from our virtual program until proper documentation can supplied that indicates your child is enrolled in another program. 

What is it Like to Learn at a Virtual School?
Curriculum Interactives
K-5 Overview
Cristy Miller
Curricula and Program 
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