4 Schools Awarded Competitive TVA STEM Grants

In our district, grants have been awarded to Allons Elementary, Wilson Elementary, Rickman Elementary and Livingston Middle School. “Our schools are committed to supporting STEM education to help develop today’s students into tomorrow’s engineers, scientists and IT professionals,” said Dr. Donnie Holman, Director of Schools. “It’s inspiring to be able to watch our students grow to be the innovators of the next generation.”

The competitive STEM classroom grant program is operated in partnership with the Tennessee STEM Innovation Network managed by the Battelle organization. The program received more than 200 grant applications this year, and only a select number were selected for funding. More than 1,100 students across the district will be directly impacted by the program.

“Allons Elementary grades 5-8 is honored to partner with TVA in this exciting grant program to further STEM education endeavors,” said Mr. Ryan Ledbetter, AES Principal. “This opportunity can make the difference for educators and students as they incorporate 21st century skills and real-world problem solving," said Ms. Ashley Fisher, WES Principal. "It is a privilege to work with this partnership and continue to serve the incredible educators and students at Rickman Elementary," says Mrs. Kelly Pendegrass, RES Principal.

“Despite challenges that teachers face, they are focused on providing the best STEM education possible and have adjusted to new ways of teaching,” said Mr. Doug Smith, LMS Principal. “I am proud of the partnership and pleased to provide some support to teachers and students through this program.”

Grants are awarded in urban and rural areas to meet the diverse needs of local communities. For example, one school will create an outdoor classroom. The outdoor classroom will include hands-on learning activities to allow students to use multidisciplinary skills for math, science, social studies and language arts.

Teachers can apply for funding up to $5,000, and preference was given to grant applications that explored TVA’s primary areas of focus: environment, energy, economic development, and community problem-solving. Schools that receive funding must receive their power from a local power company served by TVA.

Overton County School District takes pride in building partnerships, creating innovative ways of learning for students, and growing learners that are college and career ready.