Overton County School District has 3 Reward Schools Designated by TNDOE

In Tennessee, schools are recognized as a Reward school when they demonstrate high levels of 
performance and/or improvement in performance. In 2022-23, schools earn Reward status based on 
their performance on the federal accountability system. A school is recognized as a Reward school when it has an overall school score of 3.1 or higher per federal accountability calculation. Recognition reflects the work and achievement over the 2022-23 school year and is based on each school’s federal accountability score.
“Reward School status is a tremendous honor and something we aim for every year," says Superintendent Dr. Donnie Holman. OCS improved on the accountability scale moving from satisfactory (1.1-2.1) to advancing (2.1-3.0) with one school being removed from the targeted support and improvement category.
Congratulations to all of the administration, faculty, staff, and students that worked hard and showed improvement throughout the district. This recognition of the Reward Schools is a testament to the outstanding work of our teachers and administrators each day.