February is Career and Technical Education Month

Overton County School District is fortunate to have a CTE department that continues to promote, engage, and support students through strong programs of study at Livingston Academy. Immersive, experiential technology is transforming how both students and teachers learn in today's classrooms, workshops, and labs. CTE focuses on hard skills, career readiness, and learning a skilled profession. Success is less based on learners’ conceptual understanding of a topic and more on their advancement as skilled workers. Classroom teachers are helping to lead the way through innovative teaching. "It is exciting to see students transforming into productive learners earning industry certifications that better prepare them for the workforce, transforming equipment into working machines, and creating projects that emphasize their creativity," Dr. Holman says.
CTE has quickly become one of the most influential areas of education in the United States. With students throughout the country becoming career-ready and transforming the economy, it’s no wonder that CTE has its own month for celebration. OCS celebrates our super CTE teachers!
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Lora Clouse, Lauren Coffman, Jason Copeland, Sara Greenwood, Linda Halsell, Mac Johnson, Mike Johnson, Aleshia Reeder, and Dee Smith, Livingston Academy CTE Department.