School Nutrition Program

Per the USDA, Overton County Schools has returned to traditional serving for the 2023-2024 year.  It is highly encouraged for those who normally qualify for free and reduced meals to go online and fill out an online application in mid or late July.  Online applications will be available mid or late July for the 2023-2024 school year.  You must have your child's Skyward number to fill out and submit applications online.  All students who do not fill out a meal application to qualify for free or reduced meal prices will pay full price for meals during 2023-2024 school year.  Paper applications will be by request only. 
The Overton County School Nutrition Program (SNP) offers breakfast, lunch, after-school snacks, and summer feeding programs to all enrolled students. The School Nutrition Department is striving to offer tasty meals that meet the new tough federal nutrition standards, ensuring that meals are healthy, well-balanced and provide students with the nutrition needed to be successful at school. School meals offer students milk, fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains while meeting additional standards requiring:
  • Age-appropriate calorie limits
  • Larger servings of vegetables and fruits (student must take at least one serving of produce)
  • A wider variety of vegetables including dark greens, orange/red vegetables and legumes.
  • Fat-free or 1% milk (flavored milk must be fat-free)
  • More whole grain
  • Less sodium

School meals are a great value when compared to local restaurant pricing, better nutritionally than "fast food" take out, and convenient for busy family schedules.

Free, Reduced Meal Price Applications

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply for free/reduced meal pricing online?
Again, you must have your child's Student ID number in order for applications to be processed properly. Most online applications are processed within 24 hours. All information is confidential; no more filling out on paper, sending to school with your child wondering if the application made it, how many people have seen the application, etc. Notification of results are emailed directly to a valid email address provided by the person filling out the application.
2. I do not have a computer. Can I apply with a paper application?
Although a paper form is not as confidential as the online application. It will take several more days in order to process and send a paper copy of results back to the person filling out the form. You will need to contact your child's school and ask for a paper copy of the meal application.
3. Do I need to fill out an application for each of my children attending Overton County Schools?
One application for each household only.
4. Will filling out an application erase lunchroom debt?
Any accumulated debt will need to be paid. However, if approved, the application would stop any more debt from accumulating past the approval date or reduce the amount being charged depending on whether the application resulted in Free or Reduced status.
5. If I fill out an application this school year, will I need to fill out another one next school year?
Applications must be filled out yearly. Applications are valid from July 1st thru June 30th of every school year.
6. If my income changes, and I believe I would qualify for benefits, do I need to fill out another application?
Anytime income changes, one should fill out another application in order to update application information. Results will depend on the decrease or increase of income.
7. My child qualifies for free meal pricing. Does this apply to A la carte items?
Meal benefit pricing is for meals only and does not include A la carte items. These items are available at full price for everyone.


Students Accounts

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is my Child's Student ID number?

The Student ID Number (or Skyward number) is a unique number assigned by Overton County Schools when your child registers. It is a seven digit number that is unique to your child within Overton County Schools and it will never change. This unique seven digit number can be obtained by calling the office of the school where your child attends.


2. Can I pay online?

Yes! You will need your child's Student ID number, since the online payment center verifies the student's lunch account using this unique ID number assigned to your child. The online payment center is at

Parents can make payments anytime that is convenient, view when purchases were made, what food items were purchased, etc.

The online payment center also has a parent manual you can download for more information and a Help/FAQ section as well.


3. If I add money to my Child's account online, can I still send in a check or cash to the lunchroom manager?

Yes! Money can be added by whichever method is most convenient for your family.

My child has a food allergy. Who do I contact? You can call your child's school, or send a note to the front office, teacher, or cafeteria manager informing them of your child's food allergy. A list of acceptable foods your child eats at home is also very helpful. You must also fill out the required Meal Modification Form.
Will I need a doctor's statement? Yes. This helps staff to better accommodate your child's needs. The more information about your child's condition and their needs, the better.

 2022-2023 Meal Prices
Meal Prices Breakfast (All Students) Lunch (Grades PK-8) Lunch (Grades 9-12)
Full Price $2.00 $3.25
Reduced $0.30 $0.40 $0.40
Teachers $2.50 $4.75  
Any Visiting Adult $3.50 $5.50  
Special Events (Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.)   $8.00  
These prices do not include a la carte items.
Charging of a la carte items is not allowed.
School Cafe Contacts
AH Roberts Elementary: Rebecca Holland Manager email: [email protected]
Phone: 931-823-5084
Allons Elementary: Shavohn Turner Manager email:
Phone: 931-823-1850
Hilham Elementary: Ashley Daniels Manager email:
Phone: 931-823-6899
Livingston Academy: Carolyn Oliver Manager email:
Phone: 931-823-1699
Livingston Middle School: Jammie Johnson Manager email: [email protected]
Phone: 931-823-5919
Rickman Elementary: Christina Walker Manager email:
Phone: 931-498-2991
Wilson Elementary: Tammy Looper Manager email:
Phone: 931-445-3015
Central Office:  Debie Taylor, SNP Supervisor, email: [email protected]
Phone: 931-823-1287