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Drones, Drones, Dead Leaves are Gone

Livingston Academy students from Jason Copeland’s Unmanned Aircraft/Agriculture class and Mike Johnson’s Plant Science classes participated in a community-based project at Overton County School’s Central Office on Thursday, March 11th.

3/25 - Overton County Schools Closing at 1:00 PM

To ensure student safety, Overton County Schools will be closing at 1:00 PM on Thursday, March 25, 2021. This is a precaution due to the incoming hazardous weather conditions. Please monitor the weather and stay safe.

Teaching as a Profession

Livingston Academy is growing new teachers for our district through the Teaching as a Profession Program of Study.

Livingston Academy CTE-Marketing, Distribution & Logistics

Livingston Academy would like to highlight our Career and Technical Education Programs in marketing, distribution & logistics. Take a look at what exciting things are available for high school students. We are proud of this program and all of the offerings available. These courses provide
invaluable opportunities for students to experience a subject that they are passionate about and explore interests that lead to postsecondary learning and future career paths. Click on the link to see what LA has to offer for district students.

HES Students and Career Exploration

Hilham Elementary's third grade students participate in Read Across America with focus on women in the workplace. The career exploration plays an important role in pairing working professionals with curious elementary students for a day-in-the-life reading session designed to help kids explore possibilities and find the answers to questions.

Livingston Academy's CTE Health Science Program

Livingston Academy's high school CTE students have new opportunities available to them. In the health science program, students have the ability to participate in hands-on activities, work-based learning experiences, and clinical internships.
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