Overton County School's 2022-23 Career Summit

The purpose of this summit was to expose and highlight college and career opportunities at all campuses in Overton County. Our students are fortunate to have access to two post-secondary campuses within a five-minute radius of the high school, Livingston Academy.  Elementary counselors and the Gear-UP coordinator collaborated with teachers, administrators, community partners, and members of the CTE advisory council to plan the day accordingly.  
The day was split into three sections: 1) a visit to TCAT of Livingston 2) lunch at Livingston Academy and 3) a visit to Vol State Community College. The students prepared by choosing 2 - CTE programs of study that they were highly interested in learning more about at each post-secondary campus. Students were then given their schedule for the day and bussed to all locations. Each 45-minute session included a 4-year curriculum map of the required academic courses, a post-secondary pathway map, and a labor market data sheet. Teachers and business partners disseminated the information followed up with a hands-on learning activity to engage in that particular work and/or study, allowed for an open-ended question session, and shared relevant information as to what skills were needed to be successful in the line of work. 
OCS looks forward to seeing all of the achievements this class will achieve at Livingston Academy!