High School Senior Shines in Entrepreneurship Class

During his entrepreneurship class for Mrs. Greenwood at Livingston Academy, Nathan Cowgill and the class were assigned a project to generate a teen business idea. Nathan says that during this assignment he thought of many things that he couldn’t quite see myself doing as a teen. He states, "Until I suddenly remembered a video, I saw from a social media about this hobby called tufting. Tufting describes a method based on the sewing machine principle, used to manufacture carpets." Nathan completed his assignment for the class, thinking he could do this. Part of the assignment was researching the idea including start up items and cost.


The hard part was to convince his father that he could do this and maybe start a side job from it. "At first, I could tell he thought I was silly for this idea but the more I talked, the more he bought into it. After a few months went by, Christmas came around and I got the machine to start making these rugs," replied Nathan. His father helped him build the frame needed for this, and Nathan bought everything else needed to start the first rug. Soon came watching many videos and getting the hang of this so called, rug making. He decided to make Mrs. Greenwood a rug as his first one and it turned out great. After the word got out a lot of other teachers decided that they wanted one too. Nathan made Mrs. Clouse and Mrs. Smith their own rug as well.  


Nathan says, "I never thought these could make it to a story line on a website but here I am, and able to start taking orders now." OCS is proud to put the spotlight on this young man as he flourishes in his CTE courses at Livingston Academy with Mrs. Greenwood and Mrs. Clouse. He is looks forward to creating more designs soon.