Wilson Elementary Students Get Active in Learning Math Concepts

Students learn through different styles — which is why this math program includes products for teaching with visual, auditory, and kinesthetic elements aligned with state standards. The multi-sensory learning approach boosts retention rates, and builds self-confidence. Best of all, kids love to learn this way!
Students at WES are working on addition, locomotor skills, and underhand toss in this activity. Students are rolling a pair of dice and adding the total up. Once the student figures out the total, they will perform a locomotor skill and find the correct number on the number mat. They will under hand toss from that number into their specific-colored basket. If they are successful, they will skip back to the start and roll the dice again. If they are not successful at tossing the yarn ball into the net, then they will pick the ball up and bring it back to the starting line.
The smiles on their faces show that learning can be fun and engaging!