LA Teachers Participate in Diesel Externship with Local Businesses

Teachers are spending three days with partnering local business and employers to learn more about the scope of work, required skills, and qualities needed from high schools students to have the work force abilities to help them be successful employees. The program is method of expanding student awareness and the connection of each subject/content area to the world of work. Having participating teachers in all content areas learning about the various industries and writing new lesson plans aligned with key learnings from the externship has been an important step in the preparedness of the future workforce.
After spending 3 days in the selected workplaces, teachers then use the information gained to develop lesson plans for their classroom and implement plans to use the information to assist students in choosing classes, Programs of Study, postsecondary options, and career goals.
Participants include: Jason Copeland, Mac Johnson, Mike Johnson, Julie Miller and Jennifer Shope
Partnering businesses include: Main Street Diesel, Woolbright's Automotive and Hwy 111 Cooper's Tires