Highlights of Career and Technical Education

Video production credit goes to the social media and UAS (unmanned aircraft system) students under the supervision of CTE teachers Sara Greenwood and Jason Copeland. We appreciate and sharing your creative work. 
CTE courses provide invaluable opportunities for students to experience a subject that they are passionate about and explore interests that lead to postsecondary learning and future career paths. Students develop academic and industry-specific skills that prepare them for related certification exams and help them earn the industry credentials employers are seeking.
Livingston Academy currently has 10 experienced CTE teachers that teach the various courses within each program of study in the fall and spring semesters. You will find these same teachers involved in the LINK to LA Camp each summer engaging freshmen in hands-on learning activities. If you are a rising freshman and are interested in participating in this summer camp, please contact Tammy Mansell at tammymansell@oc-sd.com.