Thanks to the new WILDCAT WAKEUP, the smell of fresh brewed coffee fills the commons area at Livingston Academy most mornings.  Modeled after a similar program at Smith County High School, Livingston Academy now has a student run coffee shop that serves up smoothies, espressos, frappes, cappuccinos and more each morning.  Students do everything from taking orders to collecting payment to making and serving up their morning brews.  LA teachers Karla Crabtree, Mandy Looper and Ashley Copeland guide students as they learn what it takes to operate their own coffee shop.  Supplies such as the coffee makers, cappuccino machines, blenders,milk frothers and other necessary items were purchased with funds LA  received from a CTE Perkins Reserve Grant.   LA is thankful to several groups for guiding them through the start up process; Smith County High School, Red Oak Roosters, and  Wired Coffee all offered valuable input as teachers and students started this project.   By running their own business, students are gaining valuable work skills while adding a much appreciated service at LA. 


By Vanessa Farris